Hurdles to Homeownership in South Dakota: Sign up now to watch Dec. 15 online panel discussion

Is the American Dream of homeownership fading in South Dakota?

Experts differ on whether that is completely true, but it’s clear to everyone in the South Dakota housing ecosystem that in the current real estate market, purchasing a home has become harder than ever if not impossible for many residents of South Dakota.

The reasons that fewer people can afford a home are varied, but have much to do with the unexpected confluence of several recent economic, political and social factors that have fundamentally affected the housing market in South Dakota.

To examine the causes and outcomes of these changes, and to offer ideas for potential solutions, South Dakota News Watch will publish an in-depth article on the housing market on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2022.

Publication of the package will then be followed up with an online panel discussion of the topic set for Thursday, Dec. 15 at 7:30 p.m. CT/6:30 MT.

The one-hour panel discussion, hosted by News Watch Content Director Bart Pfankuch, will serve as the latest component of the ongoing “South Dakota Matters” series of statewide polls and panel discussions conducted by News Watch.

Interested viewers can sign up in advance to watch the panel discussion live by CLICKING HERE or they stay tuned to the News Watch Facebook page for a link to a tape of the discussion available for viewing at anytime in the future.

Experts panelists will include:

— Steve Ennis, Sioux Falls mortgage loan officer

— Shaylynn Hurd, prospective homebuyer from Rapid City

— Brandon Martens, Sioux Falls agent and president of the South Dakota Realtors Association

— Dick Werner, former lawmaker and now President of Herreid Area Housing Development Inc.

News Watch will publish the material and host the discussion as part of its continuing commitment to provide in-depth information and vibrant community discussions on important topics of statewide interest. We hope readers and viewers will find the material engaging and compelling, and as always, all News Watch material and programming are available to the public at no cost.

Please keep an eye out for further notifications on this important topic and coverage by South Dakota News Watch.