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About Us

South Dakota News Watch, founded in 2017, is an independent nonprofit committed to reporting the most important statewide stories, from agriculture to education, public safety to politics.

Funded by private donations and foundations, South Dakota News Watch is supported by several media organizations.

South Dakota News Watch journalists investigate important subjects, unravel complicated issues and tell stories that too often go untold—stories that make sense of our complex world.

While local media continue to serve their communities by reporting daily news events, South Dakota News Watch is focused on the big picture. That means informing and engaging South Dakotans so we can identify ways to make our great state even better and stronger.

The media companies involved in South Dakota News Watch have set aside competitive business pressures to collaborate in providing more watchdog, investigative and public service journalism.

South Dakota News Watch distributes all of its content for free directly to the public through this website and other digital platforms. Media organizations also can publish the material through their print, broadcast and digital channels. They also will work in collaboration with South Dakota News Watch to secure residents’ comment, feedback and ideas on how to effect change.

South Dakota News Watch wants to engage residents and connect them with the elected leaders who can make a difference.

Our goal: Inform, enlighten and illuminate.


How are we funded?

South Dakota News Watch’s success depends largely on contributions from individuals who share the organization’s passion for truth, democracy, and civic engagement.

South Dakota News Watch has secured grants from South Dakota community foundations and continues to seek grant funding from regional and national media foundations that have helped many other non-profit news organizations.

Media companies in South Dakota are key partners in this new kind of newsroom. Their involvement provides South Dakota News Watch broad statewide distribution for its reporting and a partnership in encouraging engagement with citizens.


How you can contribute?

South Dakota News Watch welcomes contributions of all amounts from individuals.

To donate, send a check to South Dakota News Watch, PO Box 90205, Sioux Falls, SD 57109. You also can contribute online here.

To avoid potential conflicts of interest, South Dakota News Watch has adopted donor transparency and editorial independence policies. Contributors have no influence on the subjects examined by South Dakota News Watch reporters or on the approach taken to any investigation. All donors’ names are made public. Anonymous donations are not be accepted.

South Dakota News Watch is an IRS designated 501(c)(3) organization, so your donations are tax deductible. Click here to see our latest federal income tax Form-990.