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  1. The Sioux Falls woman has spent roughly a decade in prison, and swears that she is done with drinking, drugs and the abandonment of her children. 'I'm just tired, tired of this life, really.'
  2. At 35, Brandi Snow-Fly has reunited with her children and is working to avoid the triggers and traps that led to her addiction. She listens to scripture, stays away from her old friends, sets healthy boundaries and routines for herself and her children, listens to advice and most of all has not given up on herself or her family.
  3. Teresa Peratt has been been sober for more than 20 years and now helps others try to beat addictions. But she is always on guard against the power of meth. 'That's the thing with meth. It doesn't give you room for anything else.'
  4. Valerie Henry thought she was hiding her meth addiction until her life collapsed around her. Now, she sees things clearly. 'It all happened. I lost everything. I lost my children. I lost my brother. I lost my mind and there are parts of those things that don't come back.'
  5. A growing body of research indicates women use and react to meth differently than men, often with more dangerous consequences. But there also is evidence that women are more capable of quitting meth and show a stronger response to treatment. Five South Dakotans share their addiction stories.
  6. South Dakota is one of seven states that retain the civil action allowing a person to seek financial damages over a marriage breakup. Legal and legislative communities have long debated the appropriateness of resolving relationship disputes in this fashion. Supporters say it's a way to compensate for a loss and allow healing.
  7. Paper ballots provide safeguard against election interference, officials say. But county auditors remain vigilant against hackers targeting electronic voter lists, election data.
  8. The number of Independent or No Party Affiliation voter registrations in South Dakota has grown nearly 70 percent since 2006. Candidates are scrambling to attract this growing and influential voting bloc.
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  10. Camps to house up to 1,400 Keystone XL Pipeline workers will open in rural South Dakota soon. The influx of population worries some officials in neighboring small communities. But the pipeline expansion also will contribute significant money to counties, cities and businesses along the route.
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