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  1. Thirty-four districts have adopted alternative schedules to save transportation and other costs. Administrators and parents like flexibility and access to individual time with teachers.
  2. A recent university study showed some rural residents don't have the network coverage or speed for business or personal needs. Gov. Noem has pledged changes while federal agencies work to get providers to improve access, cost.
  3. After several years of decline, South Dakota's video lottery industry is growing again. And, despite increased gaming competition, some proponents say the state could take steps to make the games even more profitable.
  4. 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of South Dakota's entry into legalized casino gambling. When voters approved black jack and table games in the historic city of Deadwood in 1989, the Black Hills town was on the ropes. Gaming brought an instant economic spurt and, despite a variety of challenges through the years, has helped sustain the community.
  5. A constitutional amendment making sports betting legal in South Dakota will be presented to lawmakers in January. If approved by the Legislature, the amendment also would need voter approval. Betting on sports would be allowed in Deadood and at tribal casinos, but not through the state's video lottery system.
  6. Registered nurses in South Dakota earn less than their counterparts across the country. That presents an additional hurdle for health-care providers already struggling to fill open nursing positions. Hospitals, universities and governments are working together to manage the staff shortages.
  7. Paper ballots provide safeguard against election interference, officials say. But county auditors remain vigilant against hackers targeting electronic voter lists, election data.
  8. More than 44 percent of districts currently have opt-outs in place allowing them to raise local property taxes. Education officials and school administrators expect that trend to continue.
  9. Two years after a sales tax increase boosted South Dakota teachers from last place in pay, school administrators believe the Legislature will need to take additional steps to keep pace on salaries.
  10. Supporters of a proposed Port Yankton riverfront hotel-casino and entertainment complex envision downtown revitalization and economic growth. It’s conditional on a state-wide vote to allow Deadwood-style gaming in Yankton and also attracting a private developer.