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Nick Lowrey and Bart Pfankuch

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  1. South Dakota state and county election officials have spent months preparing to host a fair, accurate and safe election amid an ongoing deadly pandemic that has led to record numbers of early and absentee votes. Some auditors have employed ingenious methods to overcome challenges and provide an orderly electoral process that will culminate on Election Day on Nov. 3.
  2. Two cousins who were close to the man killed when struck by a car driven by South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg are concerned that investigators may not be seeking the full truth about what happened to their cousin. Joseph Boever, 55, was stuck and killed the night of Saturday, Sept. 12 by a car driven by Ravnsborg, who was driving home from a GOP event in Redfield around 10:30 p.m. Ravnsborg, who has a history of speeding violations, told authorities he thought he had struck a deer.