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  1. Small businesses that are the pillars of the South Dakota economy are struggling to keep store shelves stocked during a lingering global supply chain crisis, but many are finding creative ways to keep customers happy and revenues flowing.
  2. Many South Dakota parents have been hesitant to get their children ages 5-11 vaccinated against the coronavirus, and the state is behind all other Great Plains states in terms of rate of child vaccinations. Health officials are urging parents to become educated about the importance of vaccinations that can prevent COVID-19 or reduce symptoms.
  3. Average teacher salaries rose in South Dakota by 17% over the past five years, mostly driven by a hike in the state sales tax, and for a time the state rose in national rankings. But since then, the state has failed to keep pace and. now only Mississippi pays a lower average wage. Education experts say the state may need to revisit the funding formula for school districts to prevent more teachers from leaving the state for higher wages.
  4. In what has been a busy year due to deaths caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, funeral home directors in South Dakota have had to work longer and harder, endure greater stress than usual and adapt to new ways of helping people grieve for loved-ones they have lost.