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  1. With the future of legal abortion in America suddenly uncertain, advocates on both sides of the issue expect a battle over access to abortion in South Dakota to be waged during the upcoming 2022 legislative session. While pro-life advocates expect to see strong legislation filed, pro-choice advocates are gearing up to protect a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy.
  2. Four experts on the child care crisis in South Dakota say Gov. Kristi Noem's proposal to spend $100 million to prop up the daycare industry in the state will be helpful, but is only a first step toward solving a crisis that is stressing working families and which could stifle future statewide economic growth.
  3. Two recent reports provide suggestions on how to improve the child care shortage in Sioux Falls and South Dakota.
  4. The daycare shortage in South Dakota is most acute in rural and reservation communities where working parents have few options and may have to go to great lengths to get child care and in order to remain in the workforce.
  5. A 3-part special report: South Dakota is experiencing a crisis in regard to a lack of access to quality, affordable child care, and the situation is putting great stress and pressure on working families, daycare providers and employers who are struggling to find workers. Community leaders are seeking solutions to a problem they worry could stifle economic growth in communities and on reservations across the state.
  6. As she embarks on a reelection campaign, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem received strong overall support for her performance in a recent statewide poll conducted by South Dakota News Watch and the Chiesman Center for Democracy at the University of South Dakota. While the results bode well for her political future, two professors from South Dakota say Noem has sometimes exhibited a divisive approach to politics that has increased polarization in the state and nation.
  7. Home heating costs typically rise as winter approaches, but this year, retail prices for propane and heating oil are almost double last year and still rising, placing another burden on South Dakota families already enduring high prices for gasoline, groceries and other goods. Some experts worry that unsafe heating methods could result and that fire risk will increase.
  8. Traffic on the roadways is expected to return almost to pre-pandemic levels in South Dakota this holiday season, and distracted driving and speeding remain major safety risks for drivers, some who are unwilling to put down their phones or travel at a safe speed despite laws and information campaigns.
  9. As the state grapples with how and how much Native American history and culture to teach in public schools, a new South Dakota News Watch poll shows that the public overwhelmingly supports inclusion of Native American studies in public schools statewide.
  10. A new poll shows that a majority of South Dakotans favors the removal from office of state Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg, who killed a pedestrian with his car in 2020 and pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors. The poll results come just days before the Legislature will begin impeachment proceedings against Ravnsborg in a special session on Nov. 9.
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