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  1. An open primary constitutional amendment aims to circumvent party primaries with nonpartisan races, but it faces a huge hurdle to passage in a state long dominated by one political party.
  2. From state lawmaker to member of Congress to South Dakota's first female governor, Kristi Noem has experienced a steady upward trajectory in her political career. As presidential aspirations may now be in play, and as Noem fights to retain her position as governor in November, South Dakota News Watch spoke with numerous political experts and analysts to look back at the past -- and potential future -- of one the most polarizing political figures in the history of the state.
  3. Native American government advocates are pushing to ensure that South Dakota's largest minority group is not cut out of the ongoing legislative redistricting process and that the end result of the process does not make it harder for Natives to get elected or have influence at the voting booth.
  4. Many registrations come from businesses that allow traveling retirees to register their vehicles in South Dakota. State law allows them to register to vote at the same time. Lawmakers, state officials worry non-local voters could alter elections.