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Serenity disappearance

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  1. Serenity Dennard disappeared from the Black Hills Children's Home four years ago, and more questions than answers remain about what happened to the 9-year-old girl. Law enforcement and volunteers conducted the largest search in state history and found no trace of her. The mystery led to safety improvements at the home, conspiracy theories in the community and ongoing anguish for those who loved, cared for and searched for Serenity.
  2. The most extensive investigation ever in Pennington County and one of the most exhaustive searches in South Dakota history have failed to discover what happened to Serenity Dennard, who was 9 when she ran away from the Black Hills Children's Home treatment facility in western South Dakota on Feb. 3, 2019. Now, almost a year later, authorities are unsure about where Serenity ended up; her family members remain tortured by the uncertainty; and the facility's leadership is still seeking to prevent a similar tragedy.
  3. The people closest to Serenity Dennard remain in agony over her disappearance and shock that she has not been found. In exclusive, emotional interviews, South Dakota News Watch sat down with the three people who knew Serenity the best and miss her the most.