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Sales Tax Breaks

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  1. South Dakota lawmakers appear poised to pass at least one significant tax cut during the 2023 legislative session, but with negotiations ongoing, it is unclear which tax will be cut and who will benefit. Making that choice — to cut the food tax, to cut the overall sales tax or to reduce property taxes — will depend on political considerations and whether the state's revenue surplus is seen as temporary or more permanent.
  2. South Dakota farmers and ranchers -- many hurting from low commodity prices -- say the state's current system of ag land valuation and taxation places an unfair financial burden on them at a time they can least afford it. Ongoing efforts to reform the system, however, would likely raise taxes on homes and businesses or leave school districts and counties with fewer revenues.
  3. A state-run debt collection program threatens debtors with the loss of driving, hunting and fishing privileges if they do not pay up. Though the program has collected $8.7 million in unpaid debts since 2016, critics and debtors say it disproportionately affects low-income people.
  4. South Dakota allows more than $1 billion annually in tax exemptions to agriculture, health care, insurance and other industries.