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  1. Facing the challenge of remote learning on an isolated reservation with limited access to computers and wireless service, leaders of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe in central South Dakota used federal funding, help from a non-profit tech firm and a dose of ingenuity to create their own local network to help children learn amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. To protect vulnerable residents, Native American educators have moved almost exclusively to remote teaching and learning, which is creating new challenges to an already stressed education system. Even after improving access to computers and the internet, Native educators worry that critical educational, spiritual and emotional connections created during in-person learning cannot be duplicated and that Native students will fall further behind in their learning.
  3. Overall enrollment is down about 5% since 2010 at the six public universities in South Dakota, reducing revenues along the way. As a result, universities are changing the way they do business, but part of those changes may be a belt-tightening that could affect faculty positions and offerings to students.
  4. New national study ranks South Dakota top five in need for improvements, but educators say small, rural schools bring intangible benefits as a result of closer relationships between students and staffs.
  5. On-field safety measures increase dramatically as game adapts to new concerns and survey data showing that fewer parents and players are willing to accept the risk of potential injury.
  6. Gov. Kristi Noem and state education secretary say improvements in education system are needed to boost test results that did not show a rise after teacher pay was increased.
  7. A new congressional study shows that despite years of efforts, South Dakota is still seeing its most highly educated residents flee for better jobs, higher pay and expanded cultural opportunities in other states. The so-called "Brain Drain" slows economic and entrepreneurial growth and causes greater political polarization.
  8. Thousands of U.S. college graduates, including many in South Dakota, worry that they won't receive the debt relief they were promised as part of a federal program that encouraged them to work in public-service fields. This is the final installment of a South Dakota News Watch series examining the high college debt burdens on South Dakota college graduates.
  9. A SPECIAL REPORT BY SOUTH DAKOTA NEWS WATCH -- In a two-part series, News Watch will reveal the high student loan amounts carried by college graduates in South Dakota and examine the outcomes of carrying such large debt loads well into adulthood. This week, we show how in a low-wage state that ranks among the worst in the nation for student debt loads, many South Dakota college graduates endure high levels of debt that inhibit home ownership, entrepreneurship and the pursuit of a financially stable lifestyle. Next week, we will explore the broken promises of the federal public service loan forgiveness program that so far has failed to deliver debt relief for those who took jobs in government or community service to hasten repayment of their college loans.
  10. Anxiety, worry and hopelessness are part of the emotional toll -- and difficulty owning a home or planning for the future are real-world consequences -- that are endured by some college graduates who carry tens of thousands in student loans they may never be able to pay back.
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