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  1. South Dakota State University student journalist Andrew Rasmussen, a native of Brookings, has been selected as the inaugural recipient of the "Jeffrey B. Nelson Investigative Journalism Endowed Internship," a new internship launched by South Dakota News Watch and SDSU. The program will provide Rasmussen with real-world experience as a full-time journalist for News Watch over summer 2021.
  2. Four economists from South Dakota will discuss recent findings of a statewide poll by South Dakota News Watch in which some South Dakotans reported that do not expect life to be better for future generations. This article contains a registration link to listen in and join the discussion on Thursday, June 3 at 7:30 p.m. Central.
  3. News Watch won a top award and was a finalist in three other reporting categories in the annual Great Plains Journalism Awards contest in which newspapers of all sizes from eight states competed.
  4. South Dakota News Watch won three top awards from the North American Agricultural Journalism Association for work published in 2020.
  5. Listen in and ask questions of three education experts who will gather for a discussion of the new South Dakota Civics and History Initiative proposed by Gov. Kristi Noem. The event on Wed., April 14 at 7:30 pm Central is free but registration is required.
  6. Journalist Danielle Ferguson joins News Watch as its second full-time investigative reporter after serving as a reporter for the Argus Leader of Sioux Falls.
  7. Joyce is a veteran administrator in South Dakota who spent 18 years as director of the Sioux Falls Jazz & Blues Society.
  8. News Watch was feted by two separate journalism organizations for its work in 2019, particularly agricultural coverage.
  9. Content Director Bart Pfankuch discusses some of the challenges of producing in-depth articles about significant statewide topics.
  10. David Bordewyk, a widely respected media leader for the past 25 years, is joining South Dakota News Watch as its executive director effective Nov. 1, 2019. In a unique partnership with the oldest media organization in the state, Bordewyk also will continue in his role as executive director of the South Dakota Newspaper Association.
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