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  1. News Watch won a top award and was a finalist in three other reporting categories in the annual Great Plains Journalism Awards contest in which newspapers of all sizes from eight states competed.
  2. South Dakota News Watch won three top awards from the North American Agricultural Journalism Association for work published in 2020.
  3. News Watch was feted by two separate journalism organizations for its work in 2019, particularly agricultural coverage.
  4. Content Director Bart Pfankuch discusses some of the challenges of producing in-depth articles about significant statewide topics.
  5. Serious long-form journalism that examines statewide issues is on the endangered list. South Dakota News Watch is trying to change that with quality in-depth reporting.
  6. It’s been a thrilling two weeks since the launch of South Dakota News Watch, which is gaining traction around South Dakota as a timely source of in-depth news about issues of statewide interest.
  7. Co-founders Randell Beck and Jack Marsh hosted the public launch of South Dakota News Watch at a press conference, Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2018, in downtown Sioux Falls, S.D.
  8. Nearly three years ago, with the encouragement of a great many people, the two of us began exploring the feasibility of launching a non-profit effort to report the most important statewide stories of our time.